Solar Power And Energy

Installing solar power is a great first step on the way to having an eco-friendly home. But quite apart from that, solar power is like an investment with a risk-free portfolio. The initial setup costs can be high if you don't use a guide like Earth 4 Energy, but the government currently offers tax breaks to encourage people to adopt the technology. Larger solar power systems can easily power an entire household, so you will no longer need to buy electricity from your local supplier. The amount saved on bills will pay for the installation costs in a matter of a few years. Any excess power you generate can even be sold back to the power company. Once the installation is paid off, in other words, you can actually use a solar power system to make money.

First a look at how solar power is used in various situations:

  • Solar pool heating. Running water in direct circulation systems through a solar collector is a very practical way to heat water for your pool or hot tub. The Earth 4 Energy guide explains this in more detail.
  • Thermal glycol energy to heat water. In this method (indirect circulation), glycol is heated by the sun’s rays and the heat is then transferred to water in a hot water tank.
  • Integrating solar photovoltaic energy into your home or business power. In many parts of the world, solar photovoltaics are an economically feasible way to supplement the power of your home. In Japan, photovoltaics are competitive with other forms of power. In the US, new incentive programs make this form of solar energy ever more viable in many states. An increasingly popular and practical way of integrating solar energy into the power of your home or business is through the use of building integrated solar photovoltaics.
  • Large independent photovoltaic systems. If you have enough sun power at your site, you may be able to go off grid. You may also integrate or hybridize your solar energy system with wind power or other forms of renewable energy to stay ‘off the grid’.



Solar Energy

Solar panels convert sunlight into electric power using a thin semiconductor layer. Since this largely resembles the semiconductors used in computer-chip manufacture, the production process is highly evolved; solar panels are now cheaper than ever to manufacture. What’s more, there are schemes in place to make it even more cost-effective for homeowners to switch to solar energy, thanks to generous government subsidies. So why is solar energy the right choice for you?

There are numerous advantages of using solar energy, both to us personally as well at a global level. Solar energy is a clean, pollution-free source of energy. This form of energy is capable of handling all the energy requirements of a household. It is cheaper than the power supplied by companies. In other words, solar panels can lead to major cuts in a house’s energy bills. This system is even endorsed by the governments. There are several nations that offer tax rebates and other incentives to those who choose solar energy for their daily consumption. Solar panels are also long-lasting. One solar panel is likely to last as many as 30 years, with little maintenance. Therefore, installing this system only requires an initial investment. With do-it-yourself kits like Earth 4 Energy on the market, people can even save up on that initial investment now.

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